14 of the Worst Dog Breeds to Own

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Getting your first dog? Congratulations! You’d better brace yourself for a major learning curve! As you figure things out for the first time, you’ll probably need to do just as much learning as your dog does. That’s one reason why many novice pet owners opt for a dog who’s easy to train.

Most dog experts believe that there aren’t any bad dogs or dog breeds, just bad training. In other words, any dog can become a well-behaved pet with the right training and socialization. However, many experts discourage first-time dog owners from choosing a particularly challenging breed. After all, it’s tough to provide confident leadership and consistent training when you’re still trying to figure it all out for the first time.

Below, check out the dog breeds that experts say you might want to think twice about if you’re a first-time dog owner.

14. Airedale terrier

The countdown begins with the Airedale terrier, which made VetStreet’s list of the worst dog breeds for novices. The publication asked more than 200 veterinary professionals to name the breeds that first-time dog owners should think twice about. The Airedale terrier has an independent and intelligent nature that can challenge even an experienced owner. VetStreet characterizes the breed as a “notorious digger and counter-surfer.” Plus, these dogs need lots of exercise, both physical and mental, to control their energy and destructive tendencies.

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