13 Shockingly Affordable Celebrity Purses

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For many of us who are soaking it up in this very material world, status symbols are practically part and parcel to our existence. This is no thanks to the consumerist mindset we’ve all been brainwashed with, propagated to no end by the media. It’s true. Countless people are falling into debt because we aren’t able to save our money, spending instead on non-essentials that we deem essential, such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, and travel. And not just the run-of-the-mill stuff, mind you. We always want the best that money (and prestige) can buy, even if we wipe out our bank accounts.

The media absolutely loves snapping photos of celebrities touting around the latest fashionable items, which we ordinary folk needlessly aspire to have. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford the stuff the celebrities own. They earn millions of dollars per film and a $6,000 Hermes Birkin bag is a pittance in comparison to their massive bank accounts. Luckily, not all celebrities are that high-flying. Many are also down-to-earth and opt to buy brands that are much more affordable to mere mortals like the rest of us.

13. Orka Mesica Leslie Bag, $189 (Vanessa Hudgens)

She’s one of today’s hottest stars, thanks to her taking on the lead role in Disney’s massive film franchise of High School Musical. Vanessa Hudgens has been able to cross over to serious adult actress, singer and has even appeared on prominent Broadway musicals. Yes, she has amassed a good amount of wealth and no doubt owns closets-full of brand names, but she also has very affordable brands, such as the Orka Mesica Leslie Bag.

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