12 Famous Celebrities with Visible Body and Facial Scars

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Many people who have scars have an interesting story to tell about the way they got them. While some may seem uncomfortable with facial scars. Others love flaunting them especially men who it gives a rugged look. Remember Tony Montana in Scarface?? In fact there are several celebrities with scars and it would be interesting to know how they got them so here are 12 famous personalities with scars and their origins.

12. Al Capone

The most famous gangster in US history, Al Capone was the original Scarface because of his facial scars which he incidentally hated. The story about Capone’s scars which did the rounds at that time was that he was attacked by Frank Gallucio when Capone was working as a bouncer in a bar. Capone insulted his Sister and attacked Gallucio after which he slashed Capone with a knife three times.

11. Sean Bean

Sean Bean has a distinctive scar over his left eye which was the result of an injury when filming for Patriot Games alongside Harrison Ford. Ford had accidentally hit Bean in the face with a boathook. Bean’s face had to be masked by makeup so that the scar wasn’t visible.

10. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s leg scar has gained quite a lot of attention as she has been highlighting it on social media and pictures. She said she got it when she was 5 playing hide and seek with her sister Kendall. The scar was a result of climbing a gate that had a pole sticking out of it which accidentally went into Kylie’s leg and almost did huge damage.

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