Family of Serial Killers: Meet the Bloody Benders from America

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Nobody can stop people thinking about killers and how their minds work. Today, most of the people want to know what drives a man to murder, rape, or steal from innocent people. Still, it must be understood that each incident has its own unique set of circumstances.

So, let us know more about America’s first family that was composed of serial killers. Yes, this family was named ‘Bloody Benders’ because of their bloody deeds.

Meet the Bender family.

This family was composed of two adults and their two kids. Although it is speculated that they might not be actually a family. John Bender and Elvira Bender were the ‘parents’ while their ‘kids’ were named Kate and John Jr.

They used to run an inn.

They used to run an inn in Labette County, Kansas between 1871 and 1873. This was the perfect way for them to lure customers which would turn into victims.

Accused of killing over a dozen travelers.

Yes, the family killed the victims at its own bed and breakfast inn.

Had a distinct style of capturing their victims.

They would allow the guest to be at the seat of honor during meal time. The seat was positioned over a trap door…

Would put all of their victims under the trap door.

John would be the one to pulverize the victim with a hammer while another family member would slit the throat. Once it was dark enough, they would take them out of that location and bury them outside.

They simply disappeared before anyone could catch them.

The Bloody Benders suddenly disappeared as soon as the county started to conduct an investigation. Officials discovered the trap door and eleven bodies at the Bender property.

Nobody really knows where the Bender Family escaped to.

It’s terrifying to think that they might have murdered more people.

They simply disappeared before anyone could catch them.

John was known to have come from Germany while Elvira actually had many husbands before John. Some believe Elvira killed her former husbands.

John Jr. could have been the husband of Kate instead of being her brother.

Of course, it was widely acknowledged that it was Kate who was the real child of Elvira.

Others think that the Bender Family assumed new identities.

It was also argued that the members of the family separated from each other in the end, but nobody knows for sure.

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