Top Celebrities Who Don’t Live According to Their Paychecks

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We often think that just because our favorite celebrities are getting hefty paychecks, they also lead extravagant lives. With the number of reality shows chronicling the lifestyle of the rich and famous, we immediately believe that every actor or personality in the entertainment industry is spending their money on houses, cars, jewelry and expensive gadgets, among others.

You would be surprised to know though that there are still a handful of people in the industry, who are as frugal as they come. They may be earning tons of money, but they still maintain a low profile and live like normal people.

Below are some of Hollywood’s celebrities, who still prefer to live the simple and less hectic lifestyle compared to what their paychecks can really offer:

1. Warren Buffett

Despite being named as the second richest man in United States, Warren Buffet does not spend his money like his fellow rich celebs do. This investor is not afraid to dine in an ordinary fast food chain such as McDonalds,

Buffett is known for keeping track of his expenses and still stays at the same home. To ensure that his children won’t have to worry about money in the future, the business magnate has already established trust funds for all of them.

2. Kirsten Bell

What makes this Hollywood A-lister part of the people who live the simple life? The fact that she and her husband Dax Shepherd use coupons for making purchases. And, they mostly spend their money on their daughter.

3. Tyra Banks

This top model has done it all, from gracing the catwalks of Fashion Week to hosting her own television show. Considering the kind of wealth Tyra Banks must have amassed over the span of her career, you would not believe the kind of lifestyle she has.

Banks may have the resources to buy anything she wants, but she is not what you may expect. She has admitted to stockpiling on shampoo and soap from hotels she has stayed in.

The model is also known for cooking and eating leftover food. If these were not enough display of being a spendthrift, the model also saves money by using regular pens and notebooks in keeping track of her finances instead of gadgets.

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