14 Celebrities Who Look Totally Different with Bleached Brows

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If dyeing your hair platinum blonde is brave, bleaching your brows is downright intrepid. The stars that have taken the peroxide plunge are proof enough it’s a game-changer. From Kendall Jenner to Katy Perry, see all the million dollar faces who threw caution to the wind and made their arches invisible.

1. Lady Gaga

It’s not uncommon to find Gaga with washed-out brows, but for Marc Jacob’s Fall 2016 show, she took the look next level with a decidedly gothic face beat.

2. Amber Rose

Not usually one to GAF, Rose lightened her arches to match her blonde buzz cut. Just when we thought her skin couldn’t get any glowier…

3. Bella Hadid

At Givenchy’s Fall 2016 show, Hadid looked hauntingly beautiful donning a fresh glow and barely-there brows.

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