7 Frugal Hacks to Make Christmas More Affordable.

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Its that time of the year again; Christmas. The holidays can be an extraordinarily expensive couple of months. Whether it be going out to eat with the family, purchasing presents, donating to charity, taking a holiday vacation, etc. The month of December can feel like a black hole for money. For one, due to the prevailing culture, presents and Christmas go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, if you have young kids, you not only have to buy them presents from yourself, but also from Santa Clause. Its times like these that make you wonder if you should just tell your two-year-old kid that Santa does not exist. 

However, presents for kids is just one of the expenses that come with the holiday. But, fear not, there are ways to save money during the holidays. Here I am going to outline seven frugal hacks to make Christmas more affordable. 

1. Split Meals

Many things go with Christmas and the holidays. One of these things is getting together as a family and eating. Going out to dinner for Christmas is no doubt one of the most expensive meals you will have to purchase. However, eating in also can take a dent out of your wallet. There is mashed potatoes, cranberries, pie, dip, green beans, turkey, steak, roast beef, and every other food you can imagine. No matter where you are from, Christmas dinner is a food packed feast that people travel all over from to eat. A great way to cut the cost of Christmas a little is by splitting meals.

This can be accomplished a few ways. The first way is to have a “smorgasbord” like a meal, where everyone brings a little something. The neighbors can bring potatoes, your cousins can tackle the deserts, your parents can bring the appetizers, and if you can swing it, have the in-laws bring the meat.

A second way to accomplish this is by splitting meals by family. Maybe you cook for Christmas Eve but then go over to another family members house for Christmas Day dinner. This is a great way not to have to pay for and cook two gigantic, expensive meals in two days.

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