20 Sports Cars Only A Jerk Would Drive

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Saying that “Mostly j*rks drive sports cars” is kind of like saying that the sun is going to rise in the morning and go down at night. It isn’t really a huge newsflash. We all know that when you see someone driving a sports car, that person is, quite often, a j*rk. That doesn’t mean that people who love high-performance cars that go fast are j*rks – far from it, actually. But what it does mean is that people who like things that are expensive and flashy are almost always j*rks. That doesn’t mean that they’d deny it either – not only do a lot of people who drive around in expensive sports cars know that they’re j*rks; they even take pride in it, at least in a way.

When you read this list, you’re probably going to see a car you really like and maybe one that you even own, and you’re probably going to say, “Hey, wait a minute… I love that car, and I’m totally not a j*rk.” But you know, the thing is, you probably are a j*rk, and that’s okay. We’re not here to judge – just to point it out and say “haha” at those j*rks who drive these cars. But then again, those j*rks get to ride around in something really cool.

20. BMW M6

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