Top 15 Madden NFL 19 tips and tricks

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Mix it up with run and pass

Offensive balance is one of the most important things to practice in football. If your opponent knows for certain you’re going to run the ball every play, then it’ll be much easier for them to stop you. Try to keep a healthy balance of run and pass plays.

To that same point, don’t run the same few plays over and over again. Experiment with different formations and different plays within those formations. Eventually, you’ll find yourself coming up with mini schemes by conditioning your opponent to expect one thing while you throw something entirely different at them.

Don’t abuse the sprint button

In previous years, holding R2 to keep your players going full speed at all times was a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to run as fast as they can at all times? We’re here to tell you that isn’t going to fly in Madden 19.

This is thanks to the game’s new Real Player Motion system, which makes it harder to maneuver the gridiron the faster you’re going. Just as in real life, you’re going to need to pump the brakes a bit when you want to make a fast cut up the hole or turn the edge on a run play.

Looking to juke someone out of their shoes? Let go of the sprint button and see just how much more precise you can be. The trick is to throttle the sprint button like you would in a racing game. Let off the gas when you need to make your move, and then step on it when there’s no one else in front of you!

Lead your receivers

When you’re throwing the football, use passing modifiers to keep the ball out of the reach of defenders. Pushing the left analog stick in any given direction will let you place the ball in a place where only your player can make a play on it.

As an example, if you have a receiver streaking to the right of the sideline and a defender is trailing a couple of steps behind him, push the left analog stick to the right in order to throw the ball ahead of the receiver toward the sidelines. Where the defender might otherwise have a good chance to make a play on the ball, your receiver gets to attempt a catch and you get to save yourself the embarrassment of throwing an interception. You can also hold L1 to throw a pass high and L2 to throw a pass short.

These mechanics are paramount to a lethal passing attack. Be careful using these tools with less accurate quarterbacks, however, as the ball can sail in very unintended and unfun ways every now and then.

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