Top 10 Router Hacks You Should Know Right now!

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If you’re as much of a woodworking genius as Sam Maloof, you’re much more likely to have some of your own tricks and tips on woodworking down, perhaps even written them down in a notebook to remember as well as be able to teach your own kids a few tactics. Or perhaps you are that kid, your parents having already provided you with a few tips and tricks to help you improve your woodworking. But the more likely philosophy at play here is that of you being a newbie, just starting out with woodworking, so here we are, trying to pass down our tips and tricks to the family.


Woodworking is an art, and we all understand this, but tend to forget it in the face of a machine. Router tables though are definitely one of the few machineries out there that can help you regain that artistic sense and freedom when woodworking in your shed or garage. While using a best router table alone may seem easier, the table adds to the versatility and precision of the machine, making small edges and molding projects an easier job to perform with the safety of the table increases its usability

Similarly, you can now expand on your knowledge of woodworking on the router table by gauging on these tips and tricks that we’ve collected so far.

1. Utilizing two feather boards on the router table ensures accuracy when shaping the wood. These contraptions help hold the wood in place to be able to handle the smallest of cuts, without injuring yourself the slightest. These cuts, while still being tiny, result in smoother and straight cuts than with you holding on to the wood.

2. When making cuts on thin or narrow wood stock, routing the profile on the wide board, while handling the edges on the table saw, is an easier, safer, and efficient solution. This is highly effective when shaping moldings.

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