This DIY Pallet Coffee Table Is The Coolest Wood Project Ever

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4. How to attach the casters and under-shelves

Now comes the finishing touch. If you wish to add to your pallet coffee table such as under-shelves and wheels, here’s how to go about it.  Find a place for the under-shelves. I suggest going for the corners of the coffee table and then the middle part of the table to keep the legs secure.

Then, drill the holes for the bolts. I suggest using carrier bolts for this part of the project. Make sure they are secured nice and tight.

Like the under-shelves, drill the holes for the bolts for the casters. Make sure that the wheels are all aligned the same way, so they don’t move around.

Before flipping the coffee table over, check and make sure that all bolts and screws are tight one more time. Like my father always said, “if the bolt doesn’t move, the wrench doesn’t move either”.

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