These Household Tricks Are More Than 100 Years Old, But Few People Have Heard of Them

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4. A quick way to get rid of a splinter

There’s a more effective way to remove a splinter than using a needle or tweezers. Fill a glass jar with boiling water almost to the top, and firmly press the area with the splinter to the top of it.It will gradually pull back the skin and remove the splinter.

5. Quickly chill wine without a fridge

Just wrap the bottle with a towel, and put it in a container with cold running water. It’s desirable that during the process the water constantly runs on the bottle. The liquid will cool down much faster than in the fridge.

6. How to cut fresh bread into thin slices

Delicious fresh bread has one obvious drawback: it’s difficult to slice nicely because the crust crumbles and breaks under the pressure of a knife. A kettle with boiling water, standing next to the loaf, will simplify the task. The steam will soften the crust, and you can slice the bread as thinly as possible.

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