These Household Tricks Are More Than 100 Years Old, But Few People Have Heard of Them

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You might have already noticed that we at Be Fms are very fond of various tricks that allow us to simplify everyday life. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of such advice. cool stuff, cool stuff

This time we tried tricks that pass the real test of time: they were printed in newspapers in the 1900s. We gladly share the best of them with you. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. How to detect a gas leak

A gas leak is a deadly thing, so it’s important to notice and eliminate it in time. If you sense a characteristic smell, apply a soap solution to the gas pipe. The place where the leak is will immediately show up as large bubbles will form around it. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Remove glass shards with a cloth

Even a vacuum cleaner can leave small glass shards on the floor, and these can hurt someone. It’s much more effective to wipe the floor with a wet cloth you can throw away.

3. Sand will give your vase stability

Not every vase is meant for flowers. Many of these ceramic products become a beautiful but fragile decoration. To make your vase more stable, simply pour sand into it. However, if the vase does break, you already know what to do (see above tip).

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