10 Common Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie and How to Avoid Them

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3. Bra size

Some girls believe that a bra of a smaller size can create the effect of bigger breasts. However, you should know that too big a bra won’t fit properly and can cause backache. If it’s too small, it can disrupt the blood flow. This is why doctors advise you to choose underwear wisely.

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  • The straps of a well-fitted bra don’t slip down, and the bra shape doesn’t squeeze anything. If you want your breasts to look bigger, use push-up bras that have a layer of padding or foam.

4. Underwear color

Wearing a black bra under a white blouse was once a top trend. Now this kind of mismatch is considered to be tacky and inappropriate.

  • Choose flesh-colored underwear for thin fabric blouses and white pants.

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