9 Things That Make You Irresistibly Attractive

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Do you have a friend that causes admiration, respect, and envy in you? Someone who is always kind and friendly, whose motivation can move mountains? It feels like he knows how to deal with any problem.

BeFMS.com invites you to find out the secret of such people. cool stuff, cool stuff

9. Saying nice things about other people

The main characters of the most popular TV series are usually selfish and sarcastic. However, they are only interesting characters on the screen. Think about how many friends such a person might have in real life. How can he or she attract people? With a fountain of bitter jokes? Try to be kind to those around you. cool stuff, cool stuff

8. Being more self-confident

Is it that difficult to admit that you’re talented or attractive? This question pops up each time somebody tries to depreciate his or her talents, achievements, or appearance as a response to a friend’s compliments. Ok, you did nothing to get these eyes, but can’t you just relax and take pleasure in the compliments? cool stuff, cool stuff

7. Looking for the positive

A psychologist once asked his patient to look around the room and memorize all the brown objects. He then asked him to close his eyes, concentrate, and…try to recollect all the blue objects. The patient couldn’t do it because he’d memorized only the brown objects. When he opened his eyes, he saw the blue shirt of the doctor, the blue vase on the table, and so on. Try to notice the good things.

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