9 Ways To Upcycle Wooden Crates In Your Home

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I’m always looking for unique and creative ways to incorporate more style into my home, while sticking to a budget. Easier said than done! One of my many home decor obsessions is wooden creates. I love their rustic style, and the fact they are super functional, and can be used in so many ways. You can probably find one in every room of my house – no exaggerations! I want to show you how many different ways you can style them in your home, so I’ve collected my favorites. Check them out!

1. Nightstand

While the one pictured is not being used as a nightstand the tutorial is super easy to follow and you could easy attach one to the wall each side of your bed and, voila, super hip DIY nightstands for half the cost. I’m pretty sure I just saw something like this at Target the other week….

2. Wine Rack

This simple crate turned into a chic wine rack would be an awesome handmade gift for the vino lover in your life. Or for yourself for that matter. After you’ve finished make sure to crack open of of the bottles from your handy new wine rack and treat yourself to a glass, or two.

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