8 Unexpected but Amazing Hydrogen Peroxide Life Hacks

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Believe it or not, this is one extremely useful chemical to have around the house. You probably did not know it had such a versatile scope of application, so read on and find out all about the ways in which you can utilize hydrogen peroxide and achieve amazing results. cool stuff, cool stuff

1. It’s Useful for Cleaning Your Fresh Food

Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and thoroughly clean (and afterward rinse) your vegetables and fruit in order to remove residual dirt as well as pesticides. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Fridge Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide is not a toxic substance and is an excellent cleaning solution – it’s not harmful and is highly efficient. cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Spotless Kitchen Counter

Since it is an excellent disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide is the best solution for cleaning surfaces that have regular contact with food, especially meat.

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