8 Diy & Woodworking Hacks

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It’s no surprise I love all things DIY. Sometimes I know what I am doing, but most times I am just figuring things out as I go. Along the way I have learned a few tips and tricks that can hopefully help you in your DIY adventures too! So today I am sharing 8 DIY & woodworking hacks that help make DIY a little easier.


For projects were you are measuring to the 16th of an inch, you can easily measure and record numbers fast like the professionals do. Write down all measurements in 8ths but leave off the /8. So 34 5/8″ becomes 34 5 and 16 1/2″ (aka, 4/8s) becomes 16 4. Then when you need to go to the 16th, you record it as strong (+) or weak (-). So now 29 5/16″ becomes 29 2+. It’s also much easier to read this measurement on the tape measure than trying to count and divide 1/16ths of an inch.

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