6 Quick Cordless Drill Hacks : Woodworking Tips and Tricks

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I can’t believe how many cordless drills and drill drivers  I gone through in the past 10 years. Would you believe 6. But in fairness, I still have 3 of them so that helps ease the pain. I guess what this tells me is that I do use my cordless drills a LOT. I know with some of my last pairs that only had one battery, when that battery was low or dead, it really constricted my woodworking so that also tells me how valuable drills and drill drivers are … no wonder there are so many tips and tricks and accessories for the humble but irreplaceable cordless drill.

Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/2YCcwFohdVE

And what has made these drills even more valuable is invention of the Lithium batteries that have so many advantages over the old NiCad batteries, they disappeared almost overnight …

1. Magnetic Holder

I love it when viewers send me tips and ideas, thanks Mike for this one. Mike suggested “gluing” one of the earth magnets to the front housing of a drill that could be used for holding bits or screws etc. A great idea, and for this I think I would use some hot melt glue to the magnet could be taken off easily if needed.  This also reminded me of something I did several years ago using self adhesive velcro and attaching the magnets to one side and the other side attached to a drill … a drill driver and even a hammer. Another way of holding on to screws, nails, bits etc on a variety of tools and extra handy when you are working in confined quarters.

Thanks, Mike for the idea and for jogging my memory on this great tip.

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