6 Money-Saving Hacks for Wood and Laminate Flooring

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5. Borrow Tools

Some jobs require special tools. For example, when installing wood flooring you will need a nail gun. But before you run out to buy one, ask your local flooring company if they have one that you can rent. Also, check with friends and neighbors to see if someone has the tool you need that you can borrow.

6. Avoid Waste

For most laminate or wood flooring, it’s recommended that you factor in 10% waste. While it’s impossible to eliminate all waste, careful planning and proper layout of materials can significantly reduce excess garbage. For example, when installing planks, use the end of the board cut off from one row as your starting piece for the next row. A room that is square will have less waste than one that includes many corners, curves, alcoves, and closets. Minimize waste in rooms with those features by using small, cut pieces inside areas that will not be seen, such as the back of the pantry or closet. This tactic will prevent you from having to purchase additional flooring.

Additional Tips

When you allow yourself a little bit of time to plan for the project, it’s easy to find discounts on the products you need. Use the internet to comparison shop and be sure to watch for delivery fees that may be tacked on. Also, consider the quality of product you’re buying. While you can find laminate flooring for $.99/sq. ft, this product likely has a very thin top layer and may quickly peel or warp. This may be all you need for the project you have in mind, but if you have long-term plans for the flooring, then having to replace it in a few years is not going to save you any money in the long run.

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