6 Money-Saving Hacks for Wood and Laminate Flooring

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New flooring offers a quick facelift to just about any space. While there are some jobs that you will want to hire out for, installing wood or laminate flooring is something you can most likely tackle yourself. Once you create a plan and read up on the topic, you’ll be covering a room with new flooring in no time. While doing the installation yourself obviously saves you money on installation fees, there are other tips to help you save money on the product and the process.

1. Shop Bulk Stores

Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club carry laminate flooring at a good price based on the fact that the store has already negotiated a bulk rate for the product. Many stores only carry flooring products seasonally or a few times a year, so you will want to check your local store occasionally for availability. You can also scour the websites and have the flooring shipped from the warehouse directly to your home.

2. Check With Your Local Lumber Discount Store

Similar to the clothing and housewares outlet malls spread across the country are lumber discount stores like Lumber Liquidators. These businesses buy discontinued products and make large bulk purchases, and then pass the savings on to you. The selection might be limited but, then again, they may have just what you’re looking for. Check in with them frequently to see what’s new in the warehouse.

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