30 ways you have never considered using wood ash

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If you’ve got a fireplace or fire pit full of wood ashes and would like to find a more useful purpose for them than simply tossing them in the trash, read on! We’ve come across 30 great uses for ash you may never have considered:

1. Make lye water. To do this, boil 2 or 3 spoons of clean white or gray fluffy ash with water and then sift it through a coffee filter. Lye water is a terrific cleaning agent and sanitizer for everything from clothes, to floors, windows, silverware, plates, and even rust in marble. You can also make lye by adding the ash in a cheesecloth.

2. A simple paste of ash and water is an effective way to remove stains from furniture.

3. To treat stains in clothing immediately, add a bit of ash and rub it with the white of bread after about 5 minutes.

4. Ash is an effective odor treatment. Simply sprinkle some over smelly areas like the cat box.

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