15 Inexpensive Diy Wood- Burning Hot Tub And Sauna Design Ideas

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I love water. It has this strange quality that just soothes you, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Be it the placidly cold water of exotic beaches or refreshing cold showers; water bathes you through your troubles and leaves you rejuvenated.

One of the many ways water has been used primarily as a relaxant is through saunas. The warm steam of a sauna coupled with relaxing salts is so invigorating. You can physically feel your wearisome body let go of the stress as your muscles relax and your mind finds a new life.

There isn’t a complicated science to saunas yet this very simple bathing, and body relaxing method is cherished by one and all.

But, haven’t you often wondered how a sauna is made or how much it really costs to make or buy one? Is it a luxury reserved only for the user rich or is it something we all can have but haven’t really gotten onto having?

Well, you’re lucky. There are several do it yourself and starter kits that can ease you through the process and enlighten you with techniques that make it simpler for you to create a sauna.

And it is not just a sauna that you can set up or create from scratch, its sister the hot tub too is a more than viable option.

The following do it yourself and purchasable sauna kits will kick start your road to relaxation.


Turning your outhouse into a sauna is something that is a simple idea but one that doesn’t strike us all that often. But, here this outhouse was redesigned into a sauna, all with a changing room and a storage room. The lady who built this sauna did it all on her own.

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