13 Clever Carpentry Ideas That Aren’t Your Usual Built-Ins

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Furniture, say what? From shelves, cabinetry to ingenious storage solutions, it’s not hard to see why built-ins make the bulk of renovations in Singapore. First, they don’t take up much space (compared to bulky furnishings); second, they double as design elements and best of all – are built to last you for years.

In particular, platform beds and walk-in wardrobes are two massively popular ideas for smart storage. But truth be told? They can be a tad bit overdone. If you’re looking for something clever (and different), step up your game with these 13 built-in alternatives instead.

1. Wall Feature + Storage Cabinet Combination

Talk about scoring two birds with one stone! Creatively done up, these types of storage built-ins – be it house-shaped cabinets or modular, pegboard set-ups – double as eye-catching feature pieces that help anchor a living space.

2. Windowsill Bar Counters

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Great for adding that chill, café like atmosphere to your abode, elevate your blah HDB half-height windows with a raised bar counter. Best part, they don’t take up much space – just a single slab for propping up a countertop plus some chairs, and a narrow corner can be transformed into a mini study/dining area of sorts.

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