10 Things We Do and Don’t Want to See in Fallout 76

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6. To play past the game’s ending

Even if it means acknowledging that playing after the ending breaks canon, we’d still like to experience Fallout 76’s world if, indeed, it’s an open world game.

7. To play as a ghoul

While there are mods that accomplish this, we’d love to see the option to play as one of the game’s immortal, radiation-charred ghouls. How would you handle knowing that you were going to outlive every human you knew, but that you might also become a true monster yourself?

We don’t want…

1. To be told who we are

Most Fallout games give you a blank slate when it comes to character creation. You’re a vault-dweller, a courier perhaps, but you are given the freedom to come up with your own backstory. Fallout 4 made the mistake of giving you a clearly defined home life and was the worse for it.

2. To be told what’s important to us

In the same way that Fallout 4 gave you a defined backstory, the game also made the grievous error of telling you that it was imperative you save your son. With no prior attachment to Shaun, the lad in question, we couldn’t have cared less.

3. Fallout: Battle Royale

If Fallout 76 is indeed to an online survival RPG, it needs to be a Fallout game. We really don’t want a generic battle royale game with Fallout branding slapped on it.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Fallout 76 could be a post-apocalyptic dance-em-up or a radroach-rearing game; we simply don’t know. Though we can dream. Roll on E3.

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