10 Items in a Man’s Wardrobe That Irritate Women

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4. Flip-flops

Flip-flops should be worn — by men or women — only on the beach and nowhere else. In an urban setting they just don’t look right.

5. A vest worn in combination with a T-shirt

Men sometimes opt to wear a vest over the top of a T-shirt in order to make them stand out and liven up their otherwise ordinary appearance. Unfortunately, most women don’t find this attractive, and in the worst cases they find it a ridiculous look. A vest should be worn only as part of a suit.

6. Belts with large plates or lots of studs

An over-sized belt with a large plate instead of a buckle, or with studs and a logo, is the definition of an outdated trend. It’s a much better idea to give preference to a classic leather belt that has just one function: keeping your pants up.

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