10 Items in a Man’s Wardrobe That Irritate Women

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There are certain items of clothing that no woman in the world likes, even if they are being worn by the most attractive and handsome man in the world. However, most of us will shy away from expressing our distate out loud for fear of hurting a guy’s feelings. cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Be Fms looked through dozens of women’s forums and magazines to find out precisely which items in a man’s wardrobe they find the most off-putting. The results are definitely worth bearing in mind.

1. An overly deep neckline on a T-shirt or top

If an ordinary V-neck top gives a man a certain amount of style and sexiness, then an overly deep neckline just looks cheap and vulgar. cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Ultra short shorts

Men’s shorts that reach higher than the knee continue to retain their influence over certain guys, yet they remain completely incomprehensible to virtually all women. The fact is that semi-naked hairy legs in public places do more to put women off than to attract them. cool stuff, cool stuff

3. T-shirts with slogans or stale jokes

A T-shirt with a slogan often looks like an advertisement is blaring from the chest of the person wearing it. This is not the best way for someone to attract attention. It’s a much better idea to wear something simple but of good quality rather than attempt to get people to focus on a banal thought or joke.

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