10 essential tips that all people who have wood floor should know

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Hardwood floors are a great way to add value to your home. Several types of wood exist. They are various colors and grades. So different qualities, some are very affordable and some are very expensive.

But no matter what wood floor you choose for your home, wood is always a very good choice. And the maintenance of the wood will remain the same. Except that the maintenance of some wood floors may require a little more attention than some other types of floors. But they are worth it. Because once installed, your wood floors will be part of your decor forever.

Here are 10 good tips that all people who have wood floor should know:

1) Canola oil:

Canola oil can help you remove scratches on your wood floors. Mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts Canola oil and use a soft, clean cloth to remove any scratches in the wood. No need to wipe. The solution will also make your floor shine.

2) Ice cubes:

Use ice cubes to remove chewing gum glued to a hardwood floor without damaging it. Place the ice cube on the chewing gum for at least 1 minute. The time that the chewing gum hardens. Then use a kitchen spatula or razor blade to gently and easily scrape the gum off the floor. This works well with glue and adhesive residue also. Do not try any other technique that could damage the floor.

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