10 Crafty Wooden Pallet Projects

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Furniture and art made out of wood pallets are popping up more and more these days. They’re all over Pinterest, and I have to admit, there are some pretty amazing things you can make using wood pallets. One of the greatest things about working with pallets is that you can usually find them for free laying around construction sites or behind buildings. Free wood is perfect for making awesome DIY projects for your home. Here are our favorite 10 wooden pallet projects that you can make to create something unique and interesting for your home.

1. Pallet Wall

This pallet wall makes a huge impact in this living room. It looks amazing and the best part is that it only cost $20 to make. It will certainly take more than one wooden pallet, but you can easily round up pallets over a few weeks and be ready to make this statement wall in your home.

2. Mug Display

For a fun kitchen display you can make this mug holder. What a creative way to display your mug collection. It’s easy to make since you won’t have to make very many modifications to the pallet. All you really need to do is take off a few pieces of wood, add some hooks, and if you want write “coffee” or some other descriptive word on it. Once that’s all done, hang it on your wall and enjoy your new mug display.

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